Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm On a Roll

Let me just say this:  I have a small amount of bravery in me, at least when it comes to food.  After all, I ate a scorpion!  And I made and ate a poached egg - my first ever (I have residual issues from my childhood - no runny part of any egg was permitted).  And now, I deliberately ordered and ate not one, but TWO raw oysters.  And I even chewed them!  Now, I admit, I asked for the smallest oysters they (Jake's Crawfish in Portland, OR) had - kumamotos.  They were really small and probably didn't need any chewing but I was advised to really taste them, not swallow them whole.  So, I squeezed on a little lemon, and took a big slurp (well, OK, a little slurp), chewed and swallowed.  And they were good - smooth, briny, sweet with just a little tang from the lemon.  Bob ate six much larger oysters, but I thought I made serious strides in the exploration of new (to me) foods.

So cheers to me!

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  1. Congratulations! Next time you're in Boston we'll have to get oysters. I used to think they were slimy and gross, but now I can't get enough. I had oysters in Portland, they were fishier than I am used to. I think I prefer East Coast oysters.

    Watch out, you might get addicted.