Monday, February 15, 2010

Superfood Sunday

We had a little impromptu gathering for Superbowl Sunday. While I didn't consciously plan it, I was struck by the ethnic diversity of the menu as well as the variety of foods which would meet specific diets. First - the ethnic part:

NY Strip Steak Sandwiches with Blue Cheese Sauce - OK, more traditional American than specific ethnic, but probably also the most Superbowl-appropriate food.

Vietnamese Sticky Chicken with Daikon and Carrot Pickle - A little southeastern Asian flavor - fish sauce, lime, garlic, rice vinegar, sesame oil - all flavors associated with Asia.

Duck Fried Rice - Another Asian recipe, only with a French twist. I used duck confit with the otherwise traditional fried rice. The confit is easy, since it is already cooked, and moist and tasty - a nice change from a porkier portein.

Pita and hummus, with olives and tomatoes - And a contribution from the Mideast. Yummy, garlicky hummus and pita - better than chips and salsa!

Dessert - Back to America - Baby Ruth cookies (a recipe from the olden days) and Fudge Foggies, a fudge-brownie hybrid I've been making for decades. A pound of bittersweet chocolate makes anything taste good.

And now the dietary choices:

Steak sandwich - omnivores
Sticky chicken - gluten-free
Daikon and carrot pickle - gluten-free and vegan
Duck fried rice - gluten-free
Hummus - gluten-free, vegan
Pita - vegan
Cookies - High fat, full of gluten, chocolate, nuts, butter - sorry - fits no diet known to man other than total self-indulgence

And there were leftovers, so the feast went on for a couple more days. And I shared - sent fudge foggies and Baby Ruth cookies to Nick in Boston and to a friend in Seattle. I even have a couple foggies left for us.


  1. You ate well for the Super Bowl! My husband would love Baby Ruth cookies!

  2. Super Bowl really means super bowl now! I love food and Football! Nice combination indeed!